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Pine nuts from Spain 65 g (piñones)

  • Pine organic 50 g
  • Pine organic 50 g
Pine organic 50 g
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Pine nuts from Spain 65 g (piñones)

Pine Organic 65 g. The Pine Green of QuieroNaranjas, are harvested and selected by hand.

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Pine Nuts Organic

Jar of 65 grams of Pine nuts Green

In addition to having a unique taste, the Pinion is one of the pillars of the mediterranean diet. Its proteins are of plant origin, with a high content of arginine, related to the prevention of various diseases. Pine nuts are also rich in vitamins B1, folic acid, calcium, iron, potassium, phosphorus and magnesium.
For each 100 grams of pine nuts, the protein content is 31 grams; a very high proportion within the nuts or seeds. Also, they are a source of fiber.
In general, the mediterranean cuisine is frequently added to meat, fish, in salads, in vegetable dishes and also in sweets and desserts. In the valencian gastronomy is often used both in sweet recipes, such as the coca of pine nuts.
Toasted pine nuts and Crispy
In many mediterranean dishes, the toasted pine nuts provide even more flavor. You should not dispense with this, if you prepare tasty dishes of meat or vegetables, because the pine nuts enhance many sauces.
The toast lightly the pine nuts intensificas the nutty flavor and spices. Put the pine nuts without oil or other fat, and directly in the pan, slightly warmed, should brown a bit and must be removed quickly to protect it from the residual heat.
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