For 4 people 3 oranges 1 spoonful of cornflour 3 spoonful of orange liqueur 6 whites of eggs 6 spoonfuls of sugar sliced almonds some mint leaves butter flour




Wash the oranges. Grate the peel of one of the oranges. Peel the other two oranges and cut them into slices pithing accurately. Squeeze the oranges which has been left and mix the cornflour and the orange juice until the flour is diluted.

Put everything in a casserole and cook it. Add the liqueur and mix properly. Cook it until it thickens. Then leave it to cool down.

Beat the whites of the eggs (You can use a beater or a mixer). Once they´ve come spongy, add the sugar and go on beating a little while. Add half of this beated whites of the eggs to the oranges cream and mix softly.

Spread each of the invidual mould or shape with butter and then dust flour on them. Fill them with the orange cream. Fill a cloth strainer with what was left of the whites of the eggs (the other half) and decorate them.

Sprinkle with sliced almonds and gratiné in the oven for 2-3 mins. Add the mint leaves as a decoration.

If you´d  like this cream to become a soufflé, you just have to bake it at 180º for 10 mins. Thus, it will inflate.

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