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Tomatoes Farming

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Tomatoes Farming

Tomatoes Organic , Tomato that tastes tomato selected at their point of maturation Fresh and Natural, Try them!!

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Tomatoes Organic

Tomatoes native, is characterized by its soft texture with a lot of meat, few seeds. You have before you and the opportunity to taste the real tomatoes.
It makes the skin soft this can be a problem for the transport might suffer a blow, we acolchamos very well but we cannot ensure that they arrive all perfect, as the Optimal range that have the hardened skin.
The tomatoes as we grow them in the traditional way without the use of pesticides, only with traps to capture insects and natural products used in organic agriculture.

Tomatoes QuieroNaranjas is grown in the traditional way, Tomatoes are planted as we have been taught, with seeds saved from generation to generation. So you get the Tomato the real Tomato, the of all life, with all its flavor and aroma. Tomato season that tastes of Tomato.

Kate Quilton presenting English of the famous series that travels the world to explore the secrets of the industry behind our "NATURAL FOOD" favorite wine to our field of Tomatoes! Contacted us asking for our Tomatoes from Valencia and we were more than happy to display them in our field, and ask them to try our product and give them some information. It was very exciting!
They were very impressed with the quality and the unique taste full of flavor and aroma of our tomatoes special.
From Quieronaranjas say thank you guys for bringing your positive energy and happiness.
It is great to see that there are programs interested in something so real, natural and genuine as a family farm.
Ecological agriculture, control code: ES-ECO-020CV
Note: we invite You to add to your order other products from other categories (such as olive oil, honey, jam, etc).
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