Oranges Sanguinelli 20- Kg

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Cette caisse contient: 20 kilos Oranges Sanguinelli. Oranges Rouges valenciennes sélectionnées au meilleur moment de mûrissage, sucrées, fraîches et Naturelles, Essayez-les !

Oranges Sanguinelli 

 Cette caisse contient: 20 Kg Oranges Sanguinelli, 

Sanguine oranges sanguines

Our oranges Sanguinelli was one of the first varieties of Oranges grown in our area of Alzira, in QuieroNaranjas we bet to grow this variety Sanguinelli since our grandfather was one of the first to have production in Valencia of Orange Sanguinelli ,.
 Years later, when other varieties of oranges left seedless and fatter, Sanguinelli Orange was left to grow because there was little demand in the markets. In recent years, Sanguinelli Orange is an orange that is very popular due to its great properties that have all the red fruits, this is why some orchards of this Sanguinelli red orange are being planted again ...
They have dark red meat. They are characterized by a very own flavor that reminds a bit of red fruits or raspberries. This makes them one of the most valued varieties of orange among gourmets, and for their color are widely used for use in cakes and desserts.

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