Klassische Mistela Moscatel de Teulada 2 L

Klassische Mistela Moscatel de Teulada 2 L

Ein köstlicher Wein, hergestellt aus überreifen Weintrauben. Teulada Süßer Weißwein aus Mistela-Likör Moscatel Ursprungsbezeichnung Alicante Flasche 2 l

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Mistela Moscatel Likörwein

Grape varieties: Moscatel de Alejandria
Alcohol content: 15%
Tasting notes
This delicious Muscat is golden yellow in colour. The aroma is intense and floral, with honeyed overtones. On the palate it is rich and fresh, with the perfect integration of sweet fruit and acidity.
Valencia´s Appellation of Origin
Liquor wine made from muscatel grapes. It is sweet and acidic at the same time, making it fresh and easy to drink. 
It is a perfect wine for sweet biscuits served at afternoon tea, or for desserts with natural fruits and light pastries, but never with chocolate, unless it is white.
Its ideal serving temperature is between 8ºC and 9ºC.
The perfect glass will have a wide bowl which will help us note to its acidity, thereby balancing out the sweet sensation.
mistela moscatel
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